Opart Doungjit

Opart  Doungjit
B.F.A. Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University

Opart Doungjit

Born : 24 August 1980

Education : B.F.A. Faculty of Decorative Arts, Silpakorn University


2009 - Art Exhibition : “The exposure grod” ,Surat-Thani (Kho Samui), Thailand.
2012 - Art Exhibition : “Thai Painters love the KING” at BIA (Buddhadasa Indapanno Archives), Bangkok, Thailand. Art
          - Exhibition : “Thai Painters  love the KING” at Nan Riverside Art Gallery ,Nan ,Thailand.
2013 - Art Exhibition : “Commemorate 22 years of SUEB NA KHASATHIEN” by THAI ARTISTS GROUP, at BIA (Buddhadasa    
            Indapanno Archives), Bangkok, Thailand.
          - Art Exhibition : “Jai Khang Pha - Pha Khang Jai” at Thai Bank Museum , Bangkok, Thailand

2004 - 1st prize, Logo design at Suratkhani School
2009 - Graphic design for Bamnet - Pension for Ministry of Defense
2010 - Co-author of Dhamma puzzle with Ajarn Montree Mungkhun at Sopo Temple, Mae Tha Chang Wang District, Lampang 2010 - Co-authoring the mural "Phra Public (A) (Phra Weston Khorataka) at Mae Na Ruea District, Phayao Province with Ajarn      
            Alongkorn Lorwatana
2010 - Co-author KAP (Patichat Samui), PATIJASAMUPATA with a group of Thai painters, made by Ajarn Alongkorn Lorwathana              
           To be installed at the Buddhadasa Inpanyo Archives
2010 - Co-authoring the picture of Patiphat Samui in Thai style: Grandma Kata, planting beans, planting sesame for the   
           grandchildren to watch with a group of Thai painters led by Ajarn Alongkorn Lorwattana
2011 - Show moment, Art exhibition of Auspicious Life with Cartoons at the Phutthasat Intapano Archives
2015 - Thai opera group writing, drawing on the occasion of the anniversary His Majesty the King In the auspicious year 
            of the 80th Birthday Anniversary of the 5th December
2016 - ART. For.CANCER by comeonireal project to donate art and other creative works In order to bring income to help cancer    
            patients who Broke with us
2016 - Co-design of the church and temple at Chaiyaphum with Ajarn Hom Sawan-Umasap
2016 - Exhibition of Thai painter groups, drawing on the occasion of the anniversary of Thep Rattharat Rattanasuda, Siam 
2016 - Group show at the Hotel Art Fair
2016-  Ad Lib Bangkok Hotel, in the heart of Bangkok.
2016 - join the project to help design Farmers brand, organic agriculture, rice fields.
2016 - co-designed animation animation for Ajarn Alongkorn Lorwatana by acting as animation in solo exhibition 
             Ajarn   Alongkorn Lorwattana on the topic of single acting The goodness that continues Animation: PRESENT PERFECT     
             (FINE ART)
2017 - Received the royal pin from Her Royal Highness Jao Som Sawadee Phra Vorachara Thiandamatu Bestowed the memorial   
            needle In the Charity Project "Hundred paintings, hundreds of hearts, hundreds of hearts to help the underprivileged  
            children of Phayathai 2 Hospital Project             At Phayathai 2 Hospital, which was held on On the occasion of the 89th 
            Birthday Anniversary The queen
2017 - "SATI" DUKE Contemporary Art Space exhibition at Gaysorn Plaza, 1st floor
2018 - Exhibitions to honor the King His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej  At the Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art 
             Center, organized by the Office of Contemporary Art and Culture.
 2018 - working with Ajarn Hom Sawan Umasap 89, Banners For Rama Project 89, Phra Vesattha Worship in Rama 9 By creating   
            media for dissemination in the Project 89 Phra Wess Faith Worship in King Rama IX
2018 - Performing with Art for Life: Mercy Mission, "Hundred Good to Breath" at Queen Sirikit Art Gallery             After the 
            deduction of expenses from the accident and emergency center construction Chaloem Phrakiat Building, Thep Radnarat             
            Suda Siam Boromrajakumari Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital.
2019 - solo exhibition "The Four Noble Truths', Andaman Art Gallery - Andaman Art Museum