Baramee of Art Charity 1st.
The project solicits charitable contributions from artists who donate 100% of the proceeds raised from their wood panel artworks for the implementation of public art projects in 2019.

Over 100 pieces of artworks from more than 100 artists all over the country will be on display. A group of Thai renowned artists, including National Artists Tawee Ratchaneekorn, Inson Wongsam and Chavalit Sermprungsukm, whose exquisite wood panel artworks were rendered with their unique techniques and processes – for example, oil and acrylic paintings, gold leaf application, drawings, bas-relief wood carving sculptures, stucco sculptures, printmaking artworks, and mixed media collage techniques.

Various shapes of materials inspire the artist to discover a new art form which cannot be rendered on familiar materials, detaching from the conventional use of canvas. This work acknowledges how both emotional and material value of art can be communicated and highlighted through unconventional objects. 

Furthermore, this contribution of various artists donating over 100 pieces of art on display at Baramee Dhamma Hall under Baramee of Art Charity 1st not only serves as a reminder for these artists’ generosity, but also offers new perspective and inspiration for Thailand’s art galleries, collectors, and the general public.