Obligation of Life – The salient colour pencil and pen drawing exhibition of the decade by Somchai Thaothong, one of the most prominent stone sculptors of Thailand. The legacy of Somchai Thaothong has never faded from public memory despite his frail health as a result of decades of stone sculpture work. During his hiatus from sculpting stone, Somchai focused his artistry in a different medium using coloured pencil and pen on paper and canvas.With subtle yet precise strokes of the pen, Somchai Thaothong channels his artistic mastery through experience while remarkably interweaving ideology of Thai tradition and life style.Movement and delicacy of the lines manifest warmth of kinship love as well as the clear meaning of life relating with others. His drawings capture the essence of birth and the flow of life while also reflecting an ebbing Thai culture in the face of modernity. Obligation of Life expresses the artistic workmanship of Somchai Thaothong created over the years yet veiled from the public eye. This is themanifesto of the artist whose craftsmanship spirit could not be altered under any circumstances, whether his  work was recognized or not.