Truth is pervasive at every moment, but it seems to be hidden in plain sight.

Despite its existence, it seems as though there is no truth. As a result, people may not be unconscious of their pains and sufferings and thereby fail to be vigilant.

“Reality Lost” is a manifestation of powerful and beautiful artistic creation on a creative surface. Prasit Vichaya obscures learning and the image of suffering through the clay baking process that brings out the colors of extreme temperatures as if the fire of kilesa and tanha has destroyed and consumed every living being from birth and beyond, even though people consumed by the fire of the earth would never discern these truths.

Prasit Vichaya conveys an intermingled state of corporeal and non-corporeal matters, which are complementary and contradictory to each other, through artful illustration of shapes and materials – both inside and outside – combined with his eccentric creation of sculpture and wood plank artworks.  These artworks showcase his creative application – both technique and process – of an indigenous style that portrays sufferings within our body and mind and illustrates encumbered, wearisome thoughts that tie us down and drown us in entwined emotions.

“Reality Lost” thereby represents an artistic manifestation of Prasit Vichaya whose aim is to reveal an insight into his own suffering. His self-discovery marked the beginning of a spiritual journey on the path of enlightenment and toward the great success of mere existence of this life.