beyond the time 13

Somchai Kaewthong

beyond the time 13

Somchai Kawtong (View Profile >)

Technique : fashion Design

Size : .

Edition : original

Year : 2563

Somchai Kaewthong
The National Artist in Fashion Design of Visual Art 2017 and the legendary Couturier of Thailand.

According to his graduation from Poh-Chang Academy of Arts and Silpakorn University, the schools that teach delicacy, it’s not unexpected that Somchai is full of creativity. His fashion show was always filled with crowds despite its frequency.

He has had his distinctive way of working and techniques throughout his career, making every piece original and stand out. The ‘Kai Somchai Kaewthong’s timeless uniqueness’ automatically shows wherever his piece goes.

Event & Exhibtion : Beyond the Time (View Exhibtion >)

Status : : Closed Reservation

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