Tawee Ratchaneekorn

Tawee Ratchaneekorn 
National Artist - Visual Arts (Sculpture) Year of recognition: 2005

Tawee Ratchaneekorn

Born : October 10, 1934
Address : 204/2 Mou 10 (Chatkaew) Ratchasimajakarat Road, Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.  

Education : 
1960 - B.F.A. (Painting), Silpakorn University, Bangkok  

Selected Exhibitions : 
2007 - To Whom It May Concern, Number 1 Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand  
          - 4 Reflexions, Galerie N, Bangkok, Thailand 
2008 - Bare, Number 1 Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand  

Awards : 
1961 - 2nd Prize, Silver Medal (Painting), The 12th National Art Exhibition, Bangkok 
2001 - Top Award Artist of Nakhon Ratchasima Province
          - Top Award Artist of The ls' Silpa Bhirasri Creativity Grants 2001 

             Tawee is a dedicated artist who has devoted his 30-year career to creating works of art. His eccentric paintings embody the integration of the beauty of nature with his deep perspectives. He has earned recognition for outstanding works since he was still a young student at Silpakorn University. In early years, he received four national awards for outstanding paintings and printmaking art pieces from the 9th – 12th National Exhibition of Art four years in a row. Later in life, he earned recognition as an outstanding provincial artist of Nakhon Ratchasima and also received the Best Artist Award from the Silpa Bhirasri’s Creativity Grants in 2001. In addition, he also received the Honorary Red Art Award for outstanding visual arts under the theme of peace, democracy, and equity. In 2005, his remarkable achievements earned him the highest recognition as a national artist. 
          Tawee has worked tirelessly and dedicated himself to making meaningful contributions to the society. The unique characteristics of his works epitomize the integration between forms of artistic expression and localism: the manifestation of social conditions and individual lifestyles and beliefs. His application and creative transformation of indigenous E-san materials into contemporary painting is a typical example. Notably, he is also one of the pioneers who helped develop Dan Kwian potteries until they have gained wide recognition in the academic art community.