This photo exhibition of Punsiri Sirivetchaphan captures his intricate sensibilities about impermanence of all living beings. This perpetual state of transience signifies that humans are in harmony with nature in a profound way from the moment of birth that brings about the existence of life until inevitable death , and that all living beings are subject to decay and  will ultimately return to nature.

Inspired by his understanding of the meaning of dhamma, Punsiri used leaves from Suan Mokkh in the creation of his initial artworks. Then, he brought them back to the place where they all started so that he could finish his artistic creation with photos taken at the place of origin in Chaiya district, Surat Thani province.

As one of the most prolific fashion photographers in Thailand who has acquired a deep insight into dhamma and the Truth, Punsiri distinctively incorporated life into Vanishing that depicts simple but powerful compositions and imposes his values on our feelings. 
Proceeds from sale of these photographs will be donated to the Baramee Dhamma Hall as Phansiri’s contribution to dhamma dissemination activities.