In Remembrance of Our Great King
No matter how much time has passed, the late King Bhumibol
Adulyadej – King Rama 9 of the Chakri dynasty – will be in the
hearts and minds of Thai people forever. As the longest reigning
monarch in Thai history, during his lifetime His Majesty untiringly
performed multifarious  duties in the interest and welfare of Thai
people.Though His Majesty passed away some time ago,images
of those royal duties have never faded away from our minds,and
his benevolent contributions for the well-being of Thai people
are still evident even today throughout the country.
In Remembrance of Our Great King That momentous time to
express remembrance of our great king with so many good
memories has come once again.On this occasion,
Thai artists from all walks of life have joined to showcase
a spectrum of artworks conveying our feelings of deep
love and loyalty towards our beloved monarch.