Through specialized skills and great individuality, Anurot Chanposri’s work, under the exhibition named ”pleuk”(translated as “cover” or “surface”),  truly reveals the true meaning beneath the surface. His work, initially inspired by those designs on ceramic surfaces, can now be appreciated on both canvas and buddhist monk’s yellow robe.

Because these pieces were made with techniques such that the surfaces of the work can not be definitely control as desire, Mr. Anurot, had to improvise upon occurred surface, using continuous work processes, thus creating the different cracks, shapes, and layers resulted from different conditions. The unpredictability aspect is precisely what makes these pieces genuinely unique and valuable, as it permits the interpretation that alludes to  one of the greatest teachings in buddhism: the uncertainty of all things,the unpredictability of all outcomes, and the uncontrollable matters that can not be controlled as desire, just like these pieces themselves. 

These are the inspirations behind “pleuk”, an exhibition which Anurot Chanponsri communicate through Batic Enchanting technique, hoping to communicate the truth of life.