Her 19
Women’s roles and rights in 2019

Inspired by multifarious duties of Queen Sirikit in the reign of King Rama IX and Princess Galyani Vadhana, Jitsing Somboon showcases various beautiful portraits of both royal family members to demonstrate his allegiance to the Thai monarchy, using his personalised rendering technique that portrays both simplicity and elegance in his work.

Jitsing’s fascination with Thai women’s use of social media, especially their increasing openness in posting about their daily life on social media, which greatly differ from the extreme conservative culture of Thailand’s in the past. Such fascination has inspired him to craft exquisite work on silk fabric, illustrating the daily life and activities of women today. 

Having gained extensive experience in Thailand’s art and fashion industry and fascinated by the talents of Thailand’s younger generation artists, Jitsing has invited younger generation’s artist to showcase their work in this exhibition, allowing the exhibition to serve as a space that support the work of Thailand’s future artists to showcase their work about women in today’s society. 

Most importantly, Jitsing Somboon also created a piece of art that conveys messages to his mother so as to cherish women’s roles as birth giver and role model for every child. 

From Jitsing’s perspectives, Her 19 involves the use of various rendering and presentation techniques, telling stories about loved ones and national figures in the art community. Not only that, it also depicts another side of women who have the right to share more personal stories in the public domain in 2019.