Barameeofart Charity 2022

Art exhibition held annually To allow artists to have the opportunity to donate to raise funds for public works of art of the Foundation.

 “Me”  collecting works from national artists. contemporary artists and new artists, more than 60 works showing the power of giving of art creators In the meaning of “Me” is the identity of the artist and “Me” in Thai that represents the existence which is the origin of giving.

This exhibition Therefore, it is part of the work that shows its uniqueness of each artist and is also a medium of sufficiency will be given to the public which is the inner beauty of the artist who created the work that those who touch art can appreciate and feel beauty from creation and the beauty that appears within the creative artist through viewing each piece at the same time.

Barameeofart Charity 2022, this time, once again, the exhibition will showcase quality art. as well as being a medium of giving for artists and sponsors for the full benefit of the public.